Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Doctor Who 50th anniversary with character-based game.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 1
Believe it or not, Doctor Who has been traveling around on TV for half a century, since it was first aired in 1963.
50 years means obviously nothing to a Time Lord as the Doctor

Today Google celebrates the 50th anniversary with one of the best Doodle ever: an isometric-platform game which takes advantage of eleven different Doctors and brings you some old-school platform gaming.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 2

Daleks and Cybermen are almost everywhere and you’ll have to avoid them, run through mazes, pulling triggers, switching on elevators and so on… just in time to get back to the Tardis collecting pieces that will compose the ‘Google‘ word.

The Doodle is just slightly ahead of a special episode of the show, set to air worldwide on November 23rd.
The episode — titled Day of the Doctor — will see a return for ex-Doctor David Tennant, the final episode for current Doctor Matt Smith, and the first appearance of a new doctor: Peter Capaldi.

A trailer for the episode is available to view on the BBC’s website.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 3

Have fun!

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