The real value of stuff running in our smartphones (compared to 30 years ago)

Well, I know it’s quite unfair but yet it’s still amazing.
Just imagine all the stuff running within our smartphone (the kind of stuff we all take for granted, now).
A book, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think has an interesting point of view about this.

Just check this table:

abundance stuff running in smartphone price compared to 1982

Guess what? A 5MP digital camera in 1986 retailed for $3,000 (today’s value, this figure almost doubles…).
A 1982 GPS system went for some $119,000 ($280,000 in 2011’$).
There you go: grand total gets over $900.000…

As I said before, it’s quite unfair (and some may question about the method) but it’s amazing all the same!

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