Valentine’s Day, social networks, social media and apps: is it true love?

Social events like Valentine’s Day sparkle imagination about social networks new ideas, social media coverage and new mobile apps bringing a new users’ experience to well-known phenomena.

So what is all about Valentine’s Day?
A one-to-one communication process should occur (although now always the ones you would think…) and tender messages are most likely the tools of trade.

Facebook alone bring several hundreds of Facebook application that will deliver those nice and lovely virtual gifts to bring virtual (and real-world) couples together in this joyful day.
The only variation is a virtual greeting card that, in most cases, is an easy adaptation of a general purpose virtual-card app.
Check the below picture for the starting results of a simple search within Apps category…

Valentine Day Facebook apps

What about the mobile world?
I checked for iPhone and iPad apps on iTunes store and found roughly 4,000 apps for iPhone and more than 600 apps for iPad about Valentine’s Day (as of today).

Valentine Day Apps

There’s much more fantasy in iOS app world than Facebook-land: app range from virtual flowers digital frames (including your own photo – or someone else…) to a virtual makeup assistant (!).
Of course there’s a FourSquare-based app that gives the best advice (and allows easy booking) in the prettiest restaurant in town for the sweet rendez-vous; a Valentine’s Day planner is essential and will even remind you get hair/nails done (what happens in the rest of the year?).

Twitter-addicted? Check #Valentine hashtag for a sample of what’s goin’ around in the tweetuniverse!
One of my favorite quotations?

It’s #Valentine’sDay. Or, if you prefer, Single Awareness Day. :/

No matter how technology gets far and social: humour and irony always works!

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