International Women’s Day, Google Doodle and “my name is Blonde, James Blonde”

google doodle womens day 2011While the world celebrates International Women’s Day on Mar 8, the search engine giant Google also continued its ‘doodle tradition’ by featuring a special doodle in its search engine home page in selected countries.

On Tuesday, Mar 8, Google boasted a Women’s Day doodle, which heralds the importance of access for women to education, training and science and technology.
The doodle portrayed a lady doctor and woman with graduation cap.
The aptly painted Women’s Day doodle announces the need women empowerment.

Several events occure on March 8th worldwide and Google has gathered them in a dedicated IWD 2011 page that, inviting people to “join on Bridges all over the world” (check the linked map) is a great starting point for everyone!

I appreciated the “Support a cause that you care about” section, where you can find (and donate) causes all over the world that need our money, our attention, our respect and that take care of one of the (too) many issues still threatening women’s lives: empowerment (loans anyone?), economy, education, health and so on!
It’a good reading to learn a lot more, just as I did, about the good side of this world and some people really trying to make it a better place (not just for women, by the way).

On the other side, Equals coalition -a group of 30 leading charities and arts organisations sponsored, among others, by Annie Lennox, has released a short video where the latest 007, Daniel Craig, wears a blonde wig, high heels and some make-up while Judi Dench, 007’s ‘M’ boss, voice asks him about equality.

Behind the humour is the real message, the James Bond actor is putting himself in a woman’s shoes, quite literally, to highlight the inequality women around the world face.

Love&respect to all women, everywhere, for the remaining 364 days in a year.

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