iPad 2 in China: setting new ‘outselling’ records

apple store beijingiPad 2 Sells out in China in under 2 hours: that’s the news.

The launch of the Wi-Fi only iPad 2 in China at the beginning of May once again garnered massive interest outside its Apple Stores and redefined a couple of things.
Mass-queueing for an iconic product and the paradigm for new emerging tech-hungry markets (China, namely).

The queues were huge outside the flagship Apple Beijing store although many of the waiting customers were thought to be scalpers and queues starting forming at around 5pm, waiting for the next morning opening.

Scalpers are becoming a major frustration to many people as they buy up as much stock as possible to sell on at a profit.
Some stock goes to other countries while the rest gets sold outside the store it was purchased from.
Customers buy if off the street to avoid having to wait in the lines.
The Beijing Apple Store even had a sign outside forbidding scalpers to sell in the district.

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