Social media audience and conventional news: where and how people get and spread the word

The current issue of the Economist features an article aptly titled The people formerly known as the audience.

So, what is the future of media, especially news? Where do all news come from (or will)?

Surveys in Britain and America suggest that 7-9% of the population use Twitter, compared with almost 50% for Facebook. But Twitter users are the “influencers”, says Nic Newman, former head of future media at the BBC and now a visiting fellow at the Reuters Institute at Oxford University. “The audience isn’t on Twitter, but the news is on Twitter,” says Mr Jones.

Quoting President Obama, Bin Laden and the Huffington Post, the article delves deep into news and its distribution in 2011; we do get some useful hints.

Thanks to the rise of social media, news is no longer gathered exclusively by reporters and turned into a story but emerges from an ecosystem in which journalists, sources, readers and viewers exchange information.

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Check the original Economist article here.

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