Facebook Pages engagement case study: Asia Travel industry – an in-depth report

facebook page reportAre we still in Facebook Pages for businesses infancy or is the market already mature and robust?
Either answer leads to the mere need for in-depth analysis of users (AKA customers) behaviour when prompted to click on a social network business page.

Here’s a report from Water and Stone dealing with the crowded asian travel market and their Facebook Pages result.
Not only it deals with leveraging Social Media (I love this), it goes quite deep into finding Facebook Application Usage Patterns – and that’s the kind of scientific approach we all need to fully exploit social network (for business too) and to get rid of the sh*t already filling it up.

Some hints?
Surprise surprise: the biggest default usage for Facebook tabs are photos (98%), discussion gets second place with 58% and polls/questions almost at the end with 14%.
So what? Just promotion, no true interaction?
I find amazing there are so little social games out there leveraging Facebook massive user crowd.

As Water and Stone introduces:

This white paper, originally created for eyefortravel, examines the Facebook usage and adoption patterns in the Asian Travel Industry. The Report looks at the Top 20 Asia Travel brands in an attempt to glean intelligence relating to how those brands have deployed on Facebook and how they are faring with their efforts.

Data in this Report includes: number of profiles maintained by each brand, number of fans, default tabs used and custom tabs used. The paper examines content strategies and investigates how the brands are using custom tabs and applications.

The data for this white paper was gathered in April 2011. The Report contrasts the results of this year’s research with that gathered in April 2010 as a means of providing trend analysis.

2011 Facebook Engagement Report

If you wish, the Facebook Pages Engagement Report is available in PDF format for free by clicking here

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