Social media by the numbers: an illuminating infographic full of useful info

It’s quite reassuring: social media works – at least if you take a look at this well-thought-out infographic published by Mashable.

We get numbers at large (I didn’t know myself there are 4 billion “things” shared each day on Facebook alone, did you?) and some case histories as well.

For instance, it illuminates the top Promoted Trend campaign, a Coca-Cola sponsored promoted trend that accumulated an impressive 86.5 million impressions.
That’s 86.5 million impressions for a single promoted hashtag on Twitter.

American Airlines also saw some serious success on Twitter. Their “Tweet to win 30k miles” campaign earned them 18,000 clicks.
And IBM’s hashtag #LS11 for its “Lotusphere” conference appeared in 35,000 tweets.

Of course, Twitter isn’t the only social network featured in this infographic, and it isn’t the only social network you should focus on when running a social media marketing campaign.

There are still no numbers about Google +, and that’s of course due to the fact that G’s social network is still in its infancy, but don’t expect next year’s infographic to lack G+ numbers and case studies…

Check out for yourself below and smack your clients with these facts & figures!

social media numbers infographic

[Via Mashable]

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