Empire Avenue: the social stock market – what’s your social value?

empire avenue stefano paganiniI’m on Empire Avenue, the virtual stock market.
Check my stock as Pagavision (I wanted this name since 1982’s Wargames movie!).

I really love Empire Avenue: there’s something pretty crazy in it and in getting social value for both people and brands (too few right now).
The easy part is about buying and selling stocks of people you hardly know – and some you really would like to get to know.
The hard part is about getting your investors happy by keeping your social life active, posting to a blog, tweeting, posting on Facebook, Linkedin and so on…
That’s what is called your social value.

It’s a great idea and it turns out it’s getting even some funding as TechCrunch reports:

Edmonton-based Empire Avenue, the stock market for social influence, announced today that it has raised $1.2 million in series A seed financing. The round was led by San Francisco VC firm Crosslink Capital, with contributions from iNovia Capital, TriplePoint Capital (which incubated Empire Avenue in Silicon Valley), as well as BioWare co-founders Drs. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, among others.

It’s a social game crossed with a social directory: gaming plus money plus social activity.
The game is based on eaves, Empire Avenue’s own currency, that you gain either by hard work or… obviously, by buying with real $$$ cash.

Great… and valuable!
I’ll be reporting more on this in the future.

Check this stock list as a starting point:

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