Web content is king? Social media rules? Online testing rocks!

Kissmetrics has released on their blog an interesting infographic that summarize the golden rules of testing, optimizing, testing again and… getting results!

It’s that simple, check these five steps:

  • test your landing pages – how many Adwords advertisers don’t?
  • test your signup forms – just try to get into the user’s shoes! what may go wrong with registration?
  • test your PPC campaigns – this deals with being able to spot the right campaign
  • test your media campaigns – Pro only
  • test your email campaigns – that’s damn right: just imagine you’re someone out there getting an undesired and uninteresting email, without even be able to unsubscribe!

I definitely sign the final statement: People pay you, not pageviews!

online testing roi

[Via Kissmetrics]

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