IKEA Happy To Bed: YouTube (and Facebook) Social Experience in the bedroom

Ikea UK has launched a new Youtube video along some Facebook interaction.

Ikea in the UK has created a Facebook-enabled experience on its interactive YouTube channel that ties into the brand’s larger “Everything You Need To Go Happy To Bed” campaign. It works like this. Users are asked to show how many people are in the room with them, then a personalized room furnished with Ikea products is shown that includes framed pictures from the participant’s Facebook profile. As the video plays, the viewer is told a story. Meanwhile the user can customize the items in the video and purchase them at the end.

The real fun is on their YouTube channel, where they’ve extended the idea with Facebook Connect.

It starts with a room being built from comments on your wall, before flying you through a rendered 3D room incorporating your personal photos. While it voice overs a great little story, you have the option to click and add every item you see to a temporary shopping cart.

Check this pillow-fight…

Nice idea!

[Via Digitalbuzz]

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