It’s Google day: happy 13th birthday!

google doodle 13th birthdayOk, this may seems as the most auto-referential Google Doodle of it all, but Google today celebrates its 13th birthday!

It’s been a long long time: I’m old enough to remember Altavista, Lycos, Alltheweb, Ask and a lot more.
Today, Google is much more a global economy phenomenon than just a search engine.
AdWords (and AdSense), its many highs (and some lows – Orkut anyone?) are now a significant part of the global business – and everyday life, given the billions of search results served each day to users everywhere in the world.

What thrills me is what Wired reported, the Sept 7th, 1998 check that turned Brin&Page into Google inc.: a mere $ 100,000 that now means billions.

That’s business!


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