Facebook Timeline and Twitter Brand Pages: the hottest social updates

twitter flyThe new hot topics in the last two days:

Facebook Timeline: love it or hate it, that’s how your Facebook profile (and mine as well) is gonna be like.
A streamlined and time-oriented timeline (that is!)
User experience has changed since the very first Facebook look and – it seems – there’s some online disappointments raising from users unwilling to accept changes in their beloved FB look&feel.

Twitter on Thursday announced a program for Facebook-style brand pages.: such brand pages will let advertisers customize their headers to make their logo and tagline more prominent. [more updates included revamped iOS apps]
Twitter’s embrace of brand pages, which had been rumored since April, comes about a month after Google introduced brand pages for Google+.

Looks like there’s a lot more to study, understand, exploit and engage users into in the social media arena!
Sounds great to me! 😉

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