Friend or not on Facebook: a parents’ dilemma explained

facebook parentsA research by Lab42 just published, delves deep into one of the worst problem parents are facing these days within their family.

Does a social network – and siblings relationship – mean that all parents are friend with their children?
I guess this will become a major social problem: is there a model for a social family?

Some report results?

92% of all surveyed parents are friend with their children, 72 percent of parents hold the keys to their child’s Facebook account, and 55 percent indicated they were also making sure the networking site isn’t it interfering with homework, chores or family activities.

Most parents check their child’s Facebook on a daily basis — 43 percent — while 31 percent monitor accounts four or five times a week.

Oh, by the way: 24% of parents are the subject of jokes by their beloved kids because of their lack of FB knowledge.
On the other side, 63% of all parents consider themselves Facebook-able, while a mere 5% says it’s still have to learn.
Maybe, it’s due to the fact that 29% of parents can see only a limited part of their children Facebook profile

facebook parents friend with children report

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[Via Lab42]

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