Facebook releases new advertising infrastructure

facebook advertisementNew life and tools for Facebook advertising?

Along with Timeline for brands, Facebook also introduced Premium Offers and Ads, which function similarly to Promoted Tweets. Marketers can pay to get their ads or Sponsored Stories some better real estate on Facebook. You’ll notice that also includes mobile ad placement.

E-marketers are given a guiding hand and new tools from Facebook to create a more natural advertising environment. But is it at the expense of the user experience?

The social network also has a new tool called the Reach Generator.
The Reach Generator allows advertisers to pay Facebook on an ongoing basis to sponser one page post a day – and Facebook guarantees a 75-percent reach of a brand’s page over the course of a month.

facebook advertising

What’s left?
The biggest change to user experience might be logout ads.
Now, when you logout of Facebook, you will see ads. Facebook calls this the “logout experience,” and it’s essentially a hit and run. You used to be directed to the sign-in page, and now you’ll be greeted by an ad below the login portal instead.
37 million people log-out of Facebook every day, and now Facebook can leverage those exiting eyes.

[Via DigitalTrends]

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