Social media influencers? According to Klout there are five trend-setters types

social media influenceI like Klout even though I’m still trying to fully understand its boundaries and features.
Anyway, it’s a good tool to measure social media influence these days.

But, Is there any emerging model for social media influencers too?

This is what Klout has come up with, a social media influencers matrix: no less than twelve types.

klout influencer social media

Lisa Barone, co-founder of the firm Outspoken Media (New York), in contrast, proposes a simpler list in Small Business Trends: The Five Types of Influencers On The Web.

A list which corresponds very well to the five main types of influencers that found on social media:

  • The networker (Social Butterfly): one who has the biggest contact list and found on all platforms. He or she who knows everybody and everybody knows him or her.
  • The opinion leader (Thought Leader): one who can become the best ambassador of a brand. He or she has built a strong authority in his or her field by based on credibility. Their messages are most often commented on and retweeted.
  • The discoverer (Trendsetter): one who is always the first to use a new platform. Constantly on the lookout for new trends, they become the “hub” in the sector.
  • The sharer (Reporter): one who distributes information to the bloggers to journalists through the specialized webzines. He or she usually amplify messages.
  • The user (Everyday Customer): one that represents the regular customer. He or she does not have a network as large as the networker, but his or her network remains equally important.
  • Who are you? Which type does fit your social media behaviour?

    [Via SocialmediaToday and SmallBizTrends]

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