Facebook + CNN = total coverage of 2012 election – the dawn of a digital democracy?

facebook cnn election 2012 social voting stefano paganiniAs Mashable reports Facebook is teaming up with CNN to socialize coverage of the 2012 election, as the social network aims to become a “second screen” for political coverage.

The new experience, “America’s Choice 2012,” will encourage Facebook’s 160 million U.S. users to share their political views through an app, buzz measurements and surveys. The two companies will aggregate users’ sentiment and CNN will incorporate the findings into its coverage.

So, what will this mean?

Facebook and CNN will launch an interactive, engaging I’m Voting Facebook application.
The app will enable people who use Facebook to commit to voting and endorse specific candidates and issues. Commitments to vote will be displayed on people’s Facebook timeline, news feed, and real-time ticker.

The app, which will be available in English and Spanish, will enable people to share their commitment to vote and support of particular issues or candidates with friends and will provide a way to see how many of their own friends they’ve enlisted to support those issues or candidates. These commitments will be visually displayed by U.S. state on an interactive map.
The app will serve as a “second screen” for CNN’s America’s Choice 2012 political coverage. Via on-air, online and mobile segments, CNN personalities will use the app to ask Facebook users the most important questions driving the national dialogue and report on their answers.

This is not actually social voting, but a brand new way to track voters’ sentiment – in real time!

I’ve been reporting about Presidential Election 2012

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