Pixels: an (awesome) upcoming movie about vintage gaming

You may already have seen this video, Pixels, released in 2010 by french director Patrick Jean: it’s awesome and has been an inspiration for most vintage game lovers around the world.

New York is suddendly surrounded by the best 80s videogames characters: PacMan, Invaders, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid, Frogger and a lot more!

PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. di onemoreprod

Good news: this video has ignited a feature film production and ‘real movie’, Pixels (again) starring Adam Sandler and several others is expected in theaters on July 2015!

pixels movie
[Image source: Wikipedia]

Bring on your coin-up money, it’s arcade games time – again!
Get more info and news on the official Facebook Page, Twitter and Tumblr page.
There’s even a way to build your own pixelated character with iOS app LeBlox.

Note: no Pixels were hurt during the shooting of this video…

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