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NVIDIA Tegra K1 192-graphics-cores-processor marketing? A worldwide puzzle: “Project 192” crop circles

Tegra K1 is NVIDIA new mobile processor (a SoC, system-on-a-chip, to be more accurate) that sports 192 GPU cores (that’s right 192!) and has just debuted at CES 2014. NVIDIA chose a very unusual way to market this outrageously powerful … Continue reading

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10 digital marketing key data about 2013 that will be useful in 2014

From SmartInsights come 10 statistics that show key trends in digital marketing, 10 key questions, 10 quick answers and some more to think about. Here’s my pick of three. Which social networks should we focus on? Which social networks encourage … Continue reading

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What does the modern marketer look like? Check this infographic

The marketing profession is changing. Check this cool infographic about what’s required, today, to work as a 2013-marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist. [Via SalesForce Blog]

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Today’s Google Doodle dedicated to Edison

As usual, Google’s Doodle are something special: today it marks the 164th birthday of great inventor Thomas Alva Edison. The Edison Doodle showcases his major inventions like the electric bulb, the phonograph and the kinetoscope among others. The online search … Continue reading

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