NVIDIA Tegra K1 192-graphics-cores-processor marketing? A worldwide puzzle: “Project 192” crop circles

Tegra K1 is NVIDIA new mobile processor (a SoC, system-on-a-chip, to be more accurate) that sports 192 GPU cores (that’s right 192!) and has just debuted at CES 2014.

Tegra K1 192 Cores GPU

NVIDIA chose a very unusual way to market this outrageously powerful mobile processor: a real crop-circles mistery game in a barley field near Salinas, California, two hours south of San Francisco.

That’s when we reached out to a team of crop circle experts. They flew in after Christmas and quickly headed to a dusty field in an effort our marketing team dubbed “Project 192,” — a reference to the number of graphics cores in K1.

The field’s owner had planted the barley, as many farmers do, to be plowed under, renewing the land. Meanwhile, it provided the perfect canvas for our crop circle specialists who drove out to the site accompanied by our team. They worked quickly.

When the morning arrived, it wasn’t long before a crowd began to gather. Word spread, fast.

This created a worldwide buzz about the “192” number!

Nvidia Tegra K1

More info at NVIDIA Blog.

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