Real Apple products, fake Apple Store: big (copyright) trouble in Chinatown!

When reality meets fantasy – and screws copyright laws in betweeen!

Blogger Birdabroad reports from Kunming, China, where she found not one but several Apple Stores.
Oddly enough, there are no official Apple Store in Kunming: it turns out there are just four of them in all continental China, and in Beijing and Shanghai only.
So what?

They’re fake, it’s that simple.

Real Apple products sold in truly fake Apple Store along with the usual white furniture, the look&feel we’ve come used to and even the guys working in with Apple t-shirts.
One of these masterpieces even had the Genius Bar!

I know, you guys are laughing: an Apple store in Kunming? No one who doesn’t know me personally has ever heard of Kunming before. Kunming is the end of the Earth. It’s all true – but seriously, China warps your mind into believing that anything is possible, if you stay here long enough. When we went back to this store 5 days later and couldn’t find it, having overshot by two blocks, I seriously thought that it had simply been torn down and replaced with a bank in the mean time – hey, it’s China. That could happen.

You should check another fake Apple store sign as well: a gem!

Simply amazing!

[Via Birdabroad]

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