Back from 1984: Apple’s Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak (and John Sculley) in a GhostBusters video – fighting IBM

Who said Steve Jobs had no sense of humour?
Take a look at this Apple‘s 1984 Ghostbusters spoof video where Steve Jobs, Steve “Woz” Wozniak and former Apple CEO John Sculley appear and fight, as BlueBusters, IBM world-invasion plans.

The song and the video are sooooo 80s, so fun and remind me/us that, back then, IBM was Apple’s arch-rival, not Microsoft, Samsung or one of these days lawsuit-drama characters…

Happily wearing classic Macs as anti-IBM-ghosts-backpacks, Apple’s BlueBusters succeed in fighting a somehow depicted DOS invasion and defeat faceless bluemen.

Check Apple’s lineup in 1984 when shown in the computer store: an Apple Lisa, an Apple //e and a 512k Mac.

Also check the previous post about Steve Jobs acting as FD Roosevelt in a 1944-1984 computer/war video!

[Via Gizmodo]

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