An Apple or Samsung commercial? No, even better: Somersby Cider (yes, made with apples)!

This commercial is so brilliant!
We all know how people (us) queue up outside stores whenever Apple releases a new product.
It’s amazing how much this event has become ritual: door opening, store people welcoming customers, people getting crazy around light-wooded tables.

Ok, this time it’s not about Apple iPhone-alike products (or Samsung, check their so-similar store furniture) or any hi-tech product.

It’s about Somersby Cider (yes, it’s made of apples…).
Somersby is in the cider business since 1749 so they’re quite competent when it comes to give people some relief; check their Facebook page too.

“Less apps, more apples”, makes you thirsty, isn’t it?

Ad agency: Fold7, London.

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