Concept commercial: how Apple though 1997 would be as seen from 1987…

Macintosh ClassicThis is actually computing archaeology…
Here comes a concept commercial (never aired, AFAIK) from Apple with a very curious forecasting of 10 years from… 1987.

This is how John Sculley (along with all the guys running Apple those days) imagined that 1997 (a 10 years forecast) would be.

Macintoshes everywhere (Mac Classic, namely) and several applications that may sound quite familiar to all of us.

Check out the kitchen scene (@ about 4’27”): a kitchen computer connected to some worldwide network (internet?) without too many cables (wireless?)

Please note Woz, very young, and several reference to a lot Mac OSes, even a X version!

There’s a lot to think about… not just different

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