Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Roswell 66th anniversary (with a tiny HTML5 game)

Whatever happened in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, (an alien crash landing or any other controversial event) today, the latest Google Doodle celebrates the 60th anniversary with a very nice HTML5 game.

google doodle roswell start

Think of it as tiny adventure-game, just like Monkey Island, where you’re supposed to solve puzzles, collect (useful) objects and interact with the environment – only on a very small scale.
Just use your mouse and a little imagination.

This is what you get at the end of the game, provided you’ve been able to solve the (very simple albeit) puzzle…

google doodle roswell end

From a programmer’s point of view it’s an HTML5 masterpiece: well done Google, as with all Doodles!

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