Levi’s CURVE ID viral video ad: the (back-)camera Jeans

In early 2011, Levi’s launched Curve ID; a range of women’s jeans that fit shape, not size.

To complement the launch, Levi’s asked Colenso BBDO Auckland (New Zealand) to start a conversation.
They gave the agency $10,000 … and a pair of Curve ID jeans.

The brief: Levi’s make your bum look great.
The solution: the agency mounted a hidden camera in a pair of Curve ID and documented every look, gawk and peek.

The target was 100,000 hits on YouTube. In the first 10 days, this ambitious product demonstration was viewed 8 million times, was number 1 on the Ad Age Viral Video Chart, and was one of the most viewed clips in 10 countries.

[Via GoodMarketingBadMarketing]

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