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The companies-customer honeymoon: an infographic about Social Media usage and brand loyalty building

I love infographics, I’m into deep with Social Media so it’s natural for me to get crazy when someone make ends meet like this. The Atlantic‘s Nicholas Jackson reports on … a report! It’s about building brand loyalty through smart … Continue reading

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Social media audience and conventional news: where and how people get and spread the word

The current issue of the Economist features an article aptly titled The people formerly known as the audience. So, what is the future of media, especially news? Where do all news come from (or will)? Surveys in Britain and America … Continue reading

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Online Poker Bill may regulate and legalize the game – USA and Worldwide

Breaking news from WPN for everyone playing on (and running) online-games web sites: a new online poker bill has been introduced. The proposed bill would not only legalize the playing of poker online, but it would also regulate the industry … Continue reading

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MySpace’s future? Ask Justin Timberlake, he’s got a plan

Back in 2005, MySpace marked history with News Corp’s original purchase price in excess of $580 million. Giving more headeaches and dismay to Mr. Murdoch, MySpace was sold last week to an advertising network called Specific Media for a mere … Continue reading

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Ashley Madison’s adultery-ad in Spain: a purposedly marketing error?

An online dating agency for married people surprised Spaniards on Friday Juky 1st with a public claim about King Juan Carlos – and a marketing coup de théâtre too. Update: I found the TV commercial The company put up a … Continue reading

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The dark side of designers’ job – and consultants too: clients got (weird) talent

There’s a blog I go to every now and then to check out how my own job and my life are so wonderful: it’s Clients from Hell. It’s a collection of post from anonymous (!) designers telling horror stories about … Continue reading

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